Muhammad Baso Adrian Ibrahim

NIM - 42517038

Jakarta, 25 Februari 1999


Hallo everyone, Let me introduce my self. My name is Muhammad Baso Adrian Ibrahim. You can call me Andy. I was born in Jakarta, 25th Februari 1999. I have one older sister. So, i am the youngest child. I come from Luwu. My Father name is Ibrahim and my mother name is Sitti Anah.

I am graduated for SDN 24 Kampung Tangga, SMPN 1 Belopa, and SMAN 01 Unggulan Kamanre. Then, i continued my education in here, in Computer and Networking Engineering at State Polythecnic of Ujung Pandang. My Hobby is playing Volleyball and i have a dream realiable technician who can lead me to become a leader in a companyMy motto is Happy in this world and in hereafter